Philippine Games: Langit, Lupa, Impyerno (Heaven, Earth, Hell)



It starts with chant by a ring of children gathered on a lawn or backyard. A designated child begins the rhyme:

Langit, lupa, impyerno
Saksak puso
tulo ang dugo
Patay, buhay
Maalis ka na diyaan.

Loose English Translation:
Heaven, Earth, Hell
Stab the heart
Out comes blood
Dead, Alive
And out you go.

With each syllable, the designate points to a player in the group until finally the rhyme finishes and with the last syllable, the “taya” or the “it” is chosen.

A mad scramble ensues as the remaining players search for elevated ground which is “Langit” or Heaven. Here the It cannot go and the player cannot be touched. The unfortunate player who is caught and tagged standing on “Lupa” or the the level earth becomes the new “It”. Then the running and tagging begins again.

The game ends when the sweat soaked children have had enough or their mothers call them in for supper.


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