Isabel and Nina



Isabel is 7 years old and Nina is 6.

Isabel is all prim and proper, with her hair always tied into a pony tail and not a strand out of place. Her movements are elegant and refined and her sentences are almost measured and crisp. She never throws a tantrum and often seems older than her years. That is, except when she’s with her cousin Nina, who’s like a sister to her.

Nina is the firebrand. Always active, hair tousled with a voice that can shriek and scare even a banshee. Funny thing is, you wouldn’t think it because of her slight frame. Nina loves pictures and images and fills her time drawing on paper and even on the walls of their house (much to the irritation of her parents.) Isabel on the other hand is all about reading and the power of words. The two girls couldn’t be more different but when they’re together they just fit.

Their adventures during the summer of their visit to their Lolo (grandfather) brings them in conflict with the ancient Nuno. A creature of the nether realms who lives in termite hill. The Nuno is extremely territorial and is often known to bring misery and injury to whoever disturbs his peace or trespass in his realm.

What follows in their encounter is a series of games that the Nuno will use to toy with the two girls who happen to trespass into his realm.


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