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AMÉLIE CLÉMENT | Belgium – France

vi_bd_salon I am French, born in 1974 by the beautiful river Loire. I studied history of arts and history in Paris and Budapest and wrote my thesis on photography. In 2000, I moved to Brussels, Belgium, to undertake a job in the field of contemporary dance and theatre. Then, I often changed positions within the cultural sphere (communication, organisation of events, management, etc.). When I was a child, I knew I wanted to draw, and did a lot. Step by step I forgot my dream… I lately realised that I had to give it a try, explore and improve my artistic skills. I regularly follow workshops in illustration, comics, drawing, writing, image publishing and animation. I illustrated a book for children written by a French author, published in France. I write and draw self-published stories and work as a free-lance in illustration and graphic design.

More on www.lilichkaia.com


oso Rommel was born in tropical Philippines, a curious melting pot of Southeast Asian, Hispanic and American influences. He studied Visual Communication and Painting at the University of the Philippines and became a practicing illustrator and Art Director.

He loves smelling books (especially new ones) and drawing people when they’re not looking. His one claim to fame is having won a car by buying a few bags of chocolates.

More on Rommel at hello-oso.com.


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