Our project

Children’s Games as a metaphor for the boundaries between reality and imagination

This theme attracted us because of its rich visual and storytelling possibilities. For children, a simple object can be used as a means of escape into dreams and realms of fancy. Games can offer even more possibilities because of the imagination and social dynamics at work whenever children play their games.

The story we plan to tell can delve into one or more of the following narrative levels:

1) Cultural: By exploring the similarities and differences between the types of games we both used to play as kids in the Philippines and in France.

2) Developmental: By looking at how playing and pretending can act as a way to discover and experiment with the world at different stages of childhood development.

3) Psychological: By using Children’s games as a mirror to adult concerns

4) Mythological/Fantastical: By using mythological concepts and characters peculiar to our different cultures and using them in game playing, we plan on creating a shorthand for illustrating the 2 different cultures. We also feel that this approach would allow us to give a less straightforward account of children’s games and make a more visually exciting story.

Our objectives?

1) To show that kids have the same dreams and needs all over the world, despite their different environments and cultures, by exploring the childlike language of play.

2) To promote tolerance towards cultural-diversity at an early stage. Tackling the theme of children’s games may help raise interest in this issue among a wider audience (parents, future parents, children, teachers, etc.).

3) To celebrate the distinctiveness of both cultures through the diversity of games.

Let’s play!!


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